Alanna Cartier Illustration


I'm Alanna and I'm an Illustrator

I’m also a collector of cookbooks, mother to one fat cat, and cultivator of genius hair. I spend a fair amount of time scrubbing gouache off of my upper arms, even though I have absolutely no idea how it got there. I believe that talent is a myth that can stop us from pursuing our creative passions. I believe practice makes progress, and that perfection is imaginary (and boring to boot!). I believe in community and collaboration over competition, which is why I help run the Everyday Creatives, an online creative cooperative. I am also a big nerd for learning, which means that Skillshare is practically my best friend (I teach there, and am always finding new classes to love). 

I spend my free time preparing elaborate dinner parties for people I love, playing board games and video games with my husband, and petting my fat cat’s tummy. I love when the world comes alive in the spring, and when the leaves start to change in the fall. I am very afraid of stairs with no risers.

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