Alanna Cartier Illustration
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A Beetle is a Beauty

A Beetle is a Beauty in the Eyes of his Mother

A Beetle is a Beauty in the Eyes of his Mother

Growing up, I was never into bugs: that was always my sister. She would keep preying mantises in jam jars and loved digging for potato bugs. When when I found what I’m still certain was a tarantula in the yard, she immeidately wanted to check it out. Too bad I’d already launched it across the lawn in a panic. It wasn’t that I was scared of bugs, but I preferred they stay far away.

In July 2018, I started off my second 100-day challenge with a nine-day series of bug paintings in gouache. I thought they would push me a little while offering a great way to play with colour. I quickly grew to love their little bug eyes, and their tiny little hands that always look like they are doing jazz hands. Although, I’d still prefer to keep my distance.