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More Information About the Everyday Creatives Retreat


Update on the Everyday Creatives Retreat

You are attending the first ever Everyday Creatives Retreat! Over the past year we’ve spent so much time together: supporting each other, sharing our art and making progress towards our creative goals. In October 2019, we’ll be getting together for the first time to do all of those things in person!


Twelve Spots filled, One Spot Left

Wonderfully, we have twelve confirmed guests for our retreat. However, there is one final spot available for anyone who may still be interested.

Show and Tell Sessions

We thought it would be wonderful for Everyday Creative Members to share their processes with the group so that we can all learn new things. There are six time slots available for show and tell sessions to share your process, skills or approach with the group. These will be very informal.


Airport Transportation

An airport shuttle will be arranged for those interested in transportation to our venue. It will leave Manchester Airport at 5 pm on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. The trip is approximately 1.5 hours from Manchester airport. Shuttles will also depart our venue at 5 pm on October 13, with an additional shuttle departing at 10:30 am on October 14 to transport guests back to the airport to catch their flights home. Once you have booked your flight, please provide your flight details to me ( so that I can keep them on file. The cost will be included in your deposits for the retreat.


Private Chef Booked

You’ve all paid your first deposit, and that money is going toward booking all the necessary bits and bobs for our retreat. Our venue has been booked, as has our workshop! Our private chef has also been booked, and I’m working toward creating a delicious menu for our week together. If you listed any dietary restrictions when you registered, I will be in touch to confirm details to ensure you have a relaxing week where you can eat safely.