Alanna Cartier Illustration

EDC Retreat


It all started when…

Dylan casually mentioned that she would love to have a retreat for our little group, and from there it blossomed into this real-life thing that is only a few weeks away. On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, we’ll all come together in the dreamy Yorkshire Dales to foster friendships, paint cool stuff and unwind. Here are the last few bits and bobs you need to know before the retreat:



Show and Tell

So many of you volunteered to do small show and tell sessions as part of our little retreat. Each session will be no more than 1 hour in length. The whole retreat will be easy-breezy, so no need to attend a session if you need some time to create on your own, or some time to hide out in your room. Show and Tell sessions will be on the following topics:

  • A Bite-Size Tour of her Process with Dylan Elizabeth “is it bedtime yet?” Mierzwinski

  • How to Draw Badly with Catherine Jennifer Charnock

  • Paint Night with Alanna Cartier

  • Hand-Lettering with Jenni Ahlberg

  • How to Get Hired in Your Community with Lori Krout

  • Watercolour Painting with Tessie Snow


Some Small Changes:

Throughout the course of planning there have been plenty of small hiccoughs along the way. Two of those hiccoughs involved our chef and our field trip. Through a slight change of plans, we shall now be enjoying the delicious food of Chef Michel Thomas, who will be providing us dinner each night. In addition, we will no longer be visiting Bolton Abbey, instead we will be enjoying the wonderful (and grander) grounds of Fountains Abbey and its accompanying water-gardens!


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

While breakfast will be provided each day by your EDC admin team, and a three-course dinner will be provided each night by our fancy-pants chef (Michel Thomas!) lunch is not included. You may want to bring snacks, or wander down to the village of Settle (a 15 minutes walk) where there are loads of lovely restaurants if you are feeling peckish in the middle of the day.


What to Bring:

In the north of England in October, they average 17 days of rain each year and the average temperature is around 7 degrees Celsius, so you will want to come prepared. Here are my recommendations for things to pack for the retreat:

  • Sturdy (and maybe waterproof) walking shoes, for wandering around Woodlands (our country retreat) and Fountains Abbey.

  • Either a sturdy umbrella, or waterproof jacket to keep you warm and dry when out and about!

  • A UK Plug adapter, to charge your phone, Ipad, or any other bits and bobs you might need power for! We will have three hairdryers available, but if you are planning to bring yours, ensure that it is compatible for 220 volts, or that you grab a power converter as well (more information about voltage and converters, click here).

  • Art Supplies: While we will have some special goodies at the retreat, you should plan to bring most of the art supplies you will want to use . For our workshop with Claire Alexander you will need: 2B pencil, Pencil sharpener, Eraser, Three watercolour brushes of varying sizes from 2-12 (ideally sizes 2, 6 and 12) and a Watercolour pad. Watercolours will be provided. If you will not have these supplies please contact so we can ensure you will be provided for.

  • While credit cards are accepted widely throughout most of the UK, you may want to have a small amount of local currency on hand just in case!